1. Bordeaux in Bordeaux

    I finally got over the laziness and went through my photos from my trip to Bordeaux, France in April.

    The history in France was amazing, and something you just don’t see in the USA, at least not anywhere I’ve been. 

  2. #Adidas #c10


  3. Hawaii Flyby

  4. Classic #Cadi. #cadillac

  5. Run.

  6. This is what it’s all about.

  8. Toronto.

  9. Light show in my soy sauce.

  10. A few #Toronto photos coming your way. #TTCDigitalSummit #cityscape

  11. Odd.

  12. Gratuitous photo of the #Toronto skyline.

  13. Everyone has #WorldCup  fever!


  14. Watch this: HBO’s John Oliver pulls out some ugly truths about the FIFA



  15. That’s some interesting form there…